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Full of gratitude, I look back on my life's journey. I feel healthy, joyful and full of life force energy. I have lived and worked in Germany, France and the United States. During the last five years Greece has become my new center of life. Everywhere I have met new, precious people and have made dear friends. With most of them I share the perception that the more urgent question today is not to simply obtain personal happiness but to advance our consciousness so we can share our planet in peace and love.

My life has not always been like this. From a very young age on I felt a deep longing inside of me - but what did I long for? I needed to become physically and emotionally very sick to wake up. Until this point in my life I had functioned perfectly as a daughter, wife, mother, teacher, business woman and friend. At the age of 36 I had hit rock bottom and it suddenly became very clear to me that I had to change something in my life. I started to search. I was more than fortunate that the right people came into my life. They supported me with their wisdom and knowledge on my journey towards self healing. Without their precious help I would not have succeeded.

First I changed my nutrition step by step. I started to practice Hatha Yoga and Zen meditation. Completely new worlds started to open up and my condition began to improve. The final breakthrough for my physical and emotional healing was clearing my subconscious through reincarnational sessions. Today these practices have become part of my daily life. They are the foundation of my life. It is wonderful to integrate all our wisdom into the here and now - into the market place of our daily life - and to live our True Self.

I have a diverse educational and professional background. I hold a Master's Degree in business from the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Germany. I spent 15 years as a teacher in a vocational school and college of administration in Hof, Germany. I have also spent 15 years managing my family's wholesale business in Augsburg Germany.

Much later in life I obtained a Master Degree of Divinity (Facilitator) at Chris Griscom's Light Institute in Galisteo, USA. Since 1994 I have practiced this work as a facilitator in over 10 countries with hundreds of clients.

I have two adult children, Maximilian (1973) , who is a university professor of Environmental Economics, and Christina (1975), who is an independent management consultant. The newest additions to my immediate family are my three adorable grandchildren Noah (2008), Ella (2010) and Leonora (2014).