Marion Auffhammer
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About the Work About Me
All the people who come to work with me - independent of age, gender, religion, culture, profession - are given answers to their different problems and questions by exploring their subconscious mind.

"Why don't I succeed in living a happy relationship?"

"How can I understand and heal this disease?"

"Why don't I have professional success in life?"

"What is the meaning and the purpose of my life? What are my talents?"

"Why do I have such a difficult relationship with my parents or my children?"

"Why can't I free myself from my fears?"

"Why can't we have children when there is no medical reason?"

"Why can't I find real friends and feel so lonely on that planet?"

The search for the purpose and meaning of our existence is covered up by an endless stream of questions. Again and again we try to find rational answers to our burning questions. Yet soon we discover that we did not find a sustainable solution and are caught in a vicious cycle. This is the moment where the healing work of the Reincarnational Sessions brings clarity. We discover the underlying mechanisms of our daily life by looking at the light and shadow sides of our subconscious. This is where we find the answers to all our " why's".

Our subconscious can be imagined as an enormous computer with an endless memory capacity. Everything we ever thought, felt or experienced is stored in this computer. This computer does not have any sense of time and makes associations and conclusions about all it has imprinted. With the constant chatter of our subconscious our day to day consciousness, which has only access to about 15 % of all the imprinted information, is very often wrongly influenced.

It happens quite often after a session that we realize: "Even in a ten hour long intense dialog we would have never found that explananation or solution."

The one on one sessions take place on four days in a row and each is three hours long. The successful outcome of the sessions is much more likely if during those four days we take time for ourselves without any other important activities.

In a higher state of mind, induced by a light acupressure and breathing, you contact your "Inner Child" and your "Higher Self". With their wise guidance you set out for the journey into your subconscious. This is an incredible and completely safe journey which does not carry any risk. There will be nothing revealed to you which you cannot cope with or which has nothing to do with you. All that happens is a lot of understanding, relief and healing.

In the moment when we are able to re-experience this information imprinted in our bodies we start to understand. Now we can begin to clear and heal them. The decisions in our life will no longer be influenced by the manipulative associations and conclusions of our subconscious mind. We can start to move forward without fears and doubts. By choice we are now able to live out our full potential as humans - our True Self - a gift to ourselves and to everyone who shares this planet with us.