Marion Auffhammer
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"I took several sessions with Marion. She is a truly compassionate person, with a true talent for the discovery of hidden patterns and points of resistance. I suddenly understood the bigger pictur, especially how until now I kept on repeating the same patterns which prevented me from progressing in life. By taking these sessions I was able to overcome these obstacles and move on with my life."
- Margrit, 58 (Switzerland)

"Intensive and lively sessions in a warm and cordial atmosphere."
- Frank, 47 (Germany)

"The work at the Light Institute and especially the sessions and conversations with Marion have enabled a more close connection between me and my Higher Self. I ask questions, my Higher Self answers. Through this wok I have followed a path towards a lightness of being full of joy."
- Brigitte, 57 (Germany)

"Session with Marion were crucial in fixing two major issues in my life. First she helped me gain a much broader and needed understanding of the relationship to my wife. Second she helped me recognize subconscious mental patterns, which were manifesting themselves into serious health issues. The patterns are gone and so are the health concerns."
- Billy, 34 (United States)

"Without knowing anything specific about the work with Marion, I travelled from Hamburg to Galaxidi to take sessions. I worked for four days under Marion's guidance and had an incredible inner self journey. The work put an end to a desperate health crisis. I learned to incorporate simple exercises inot my daily life, which have made me a happier and healthier person."
- Burkhard, 55 (Germany)